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Cards On Tap is a social drinking party game so simple it doesn’t even need a rulebook. Grab your friends, shuffle the deck, draw some cards, and drink. It’s that easy!

Each deck of Cards On Tap includes 200 unique cards that will keep the fun going as long as you want. With so many cards and so many topics covered, no two games will be the same. And be careful as some of these cards may end up having you reveal more about yourself than you bargained for!

With two ways to play you can choose exactly what kind of drinking game you want to play. Want to keep it simple and just drink without worrying about winners and losers? Shuffle up and play the “Something Basic” version. In the mood to be a little bit competitive without getting bogged down by rules? Try the “Last Beer Standing” version that lets you declare a winner and see who can stay coherent the longest.

How to Play – Quicker Than You Can Take a Shot

Cards On Tap features two different ways to play to best suit any occasion you can think of. In addition to a copy of Cards On Tap, the only other requirement is that each player has a beverage of their choice for the game.

Something Basic Version

Choose a player to go first. On your turn, draw the top card of the deck. Read it aloud to all players and everyone does what it says. There are no losers, and you are all winners because you get to keep drinking for as long as you want!

Last Beer Standing Version

All players must begin the game with a full drink. Place the top nine cards of the deck face down on the table in three rows of three. Choose a player to go first. On your turn, flip over any two cards of your choice. If the two cards have the same number of Barrel symbols, pick one of the two cards. Read it aloud to all players and do what it says. Then, put both cards in the Discard Pile and replace them with two new face down cards from the deck. If the two cards you flipped over do not have the same number of Barrel symbols, flip them back down and you must drink. Then it is the next player’s turn. If you finish your drink, you are out of the game. The last player standing is the winner.

Introductory Video

Want a quick overview of Cards On Tap? Check out the video we used to promote our Kickstarter campaign for the game. In it you’ll learn all about Cards On Tap, the rules, and even see the game in action. We’d also like to give a shout out to Better Than One Media, who shot and edited this video for us!

Take a Sip

Here is just a small taste of what you will find in each game of Cards On Tap.

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