The Team

Terence Jason Dorman
Terence Jason DormanFounder
Terence, also known as T, has been involved in gaming for over 20 years. Beginning as a casual player, Terence transitioned to competitive play with the Raw Deal CCG, in which he was one of the highest rated players in the United States. He then became heavily involved in The Spoils TCG, becoming a National Constructed Champion. He later found his true calling as a rules specialist, becoming the Lead Rules Designer and Head Judge Coordinator for The Spoils. His vision is to create games with clear, understandable rules that leave little-to-no room for error.
Matthew Kucklinca
Matthew KucklincaFounder
Matt, better known as Moxless, has been an adept tabletop gamer for over 25 years. Beginning with Magic: the Gathering where he earned his nickname, Matt has also played a plethora of competitive card games. His career highlights including being a 3-time World Champion in The Spoils TCG. Since The Spoils, Matt has focused on many Fantasy Flight games, including Netrunner, Star Wars Destiny, and Legend of the Five Rings. His vision is to create games that enable players to experience his favorite gaming memories: all-night gaming sessions, traveling with friends, and laughter.
Daniel Sotelo
Daniel SoteloFounder
Dan has been playing card games on a competitive level for over 25 years. He had huge success in the Decipher Star Wars CCG and was one of the highest ranked players in the world. Dan was also one of the most successful The Spoils TCG players and spent some time designing cards for the game. He has been running a comic and hobby game shop for almost 20 years and has plenty of experience on both sides of the counter. His vision is to help grow the tabletop gaming community with fun and engaging games that everybody can enjoy.

Our Turn To Build

RTFC Games was founded in March of 2018 with the express purpose of creating fun, thought provoking, and engaging games for players and gamers of all backgrounds. With over 70 years of tabletop gaming experience shared among the three founders, RTFC Games is driven by its lifetime of gaming knowledge. Having played hundreds of collectible card games, board games, miniatures games, and roleplaying games, we at RTFC Games understand the importance of tabletop gaming and the many genres within.

Having played so many games for so many years, we decided it was “our turn to build” a game of our own. Our first game, Cards On Tap, is currently in the final steps of design. It is a fun, social drinking game for even the most novice of players. We are learning a ton from this experience of making our first game, and we hope to transition all we learn into a more complex, thought provoking venture for our second game.

Above all else, we value the social benefits that can be garnered from gaming. Each of us at RTFC Games would not have met the others without our shared passion for gaming. Over the past twenty years we have shared countless memories with each other, both inside and outside the gaming world. Whether it be traveling to compete in major card game tournaments or celebrating personal achievements, our friendships were born from gaming.

We hope our games will help create these lasting memories and friendships for you, our players. Whether you only play party games or are a competitive gamer that wants to compete that the highest level, we will have games for you.

Our Partners

We are fortunate to have worked with a plethora of amazing individuals and teams throughout the design and production of our games. We feel it is important to promote and celebrate all who have helped us along the way, and the least we can do is give them some free advertising. Be sure to check out the links below to meet some talented artists, designers, fulfillment centers, and printers.